Gracie is our third intern for the summer!

"Hello! My name is Gracie Williams and I just finished my freshman year at Notre Dame. I am so excited to be here at LGA studios for the summer.

In high school, my favorite class was art. I loved being able to represent objects, people, landscapes, or even just ideas on a canvas or a piece of paper. Math, surprisingly, came in second; I like being technical and figuring out a problem using slightly confusing process. So when I had to decide on a major, architecture seemed to fit right into place.

Freshman year taught me how to use a scale and what a building should look like if it is cut through the middle, that rendering a project is fun yet terrifying, and that some of the best nights are spent in a studio together. Now, working at LGA, I have already learned how to do simple drawings on CAD and Revit (I didn't even know about Revit until I came here), that hand drawings and computers work well together, and that some of the best days of summer are spent in an office working on photoshop.

I know that I chose the right major. It has been a wonderful experience working here at LGA. I can't wait to go back to Notre Dame and start my very first design class (yay!) and carry on learning so much more.

Go Irish!"