Hi all!

This summer we have welcomed three wonderful interns into our office. Today, I want to welcome Natalie Madden! 

“Last week, I was introduced to the best office I could have asked to be a part of - LGA Studios. 
I am lucky enough to be interning for this wonderful company this summer after completing my first year of school at CU Boulder in the Environmental Design Program with an emphasis in Architecture. As a child, I grew up around the custom home design environment as my mom designed and built custom homes, leading me to have an interest in the home design process, creating a perfect fit at LGA. I spent hours researching architecture firms in Colorado Springs before coming across LGA, which was most related to my interests, where I was lucky enough to have an interview.

In my first couple of weeks, I have already learned, and been assigned, so much! I am excited to be helping LGA enhance their social media with the latest trends, creating profiles for our clients benefit on Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook, and Linked In. I am also excited to be learning computer programs that will benefit me in school for the upcoming year, as well as having experience in a professional office setting for my own benefit. 

We did a fun personality quiz as an office to get to know each other a little better this week. I got the title “The Visionary”, the same as Larry. This excites me because Larry is very good at having high aspirations for his company that, as a fellow Visionary, I understand and can help pull together to make the dreams come true! The plans we have already come up with for what we want to accomplish this summer are thrilling and I am excited to see everything come together at the end of my few short months here.

I can’t wait to see where this summer leads at LGA and am excited to be a part of such a wonderful team!”