A few weeks ago I was in Denver with Larry while  he attended a tour of a LEED certified apartment building with Rocky Mountain Green,www.rockymountaingreen.com   The building was located in the Highlands neighborhood, and I happened upon a great combination Tea Bar/Garage/Mamahood.shop.  http://www.teabardenver.com/  I really love living in Colorado Springs, but Denver has soooo many cool little neighborhoods to explore.  Since the Tea Bar was in the middle of these two other "green" businesses, it served as a waiting area for people who were having their car serviced www.greengarage.com, and the moms that were shopping, or doing yoga at the mamahood www.themamahood.com had a place to meet up.  It was really fun spending a couple of hours there.

In this block there is not only the shop I was in, but also an Organic Dry Cleaners,with living space above.  As we walked the neighborhood there are the old houses inter-mixed with many new contemporary looking apartment buildings, and lots of live/work units.  Since we are also looking for products for our new home exteriors it was fun to explore this neighborhood.