LGA Studios is proud to call Colorado Springs our home.  We've grown up here and built our business here, and we have a special place in our hearts for the Westside and for our city's vibrant downtown.

If you haven't seen it yet, this quick video is a fantastic tribute to all that Downtown Colorado Springs is, and excites us about all that it could be!  Way to go Magneti Marketing for putting together such an inspiring video that captures the heart of our city.  Make sure to look for some familiar places and faces, and find a few new spots to check out as well!

There is so much energy and momentum in our downtown and so many local businesses and restaurants to celebrate, every day really does bring new possibilities and adventures, and an opportunity for community interaction around every corner.  We certainly know where we'll be spending our time this weekend! And our time for breakfast with friends on Monday.  And going out for drinks and a walk on Tuesday.  And having a business lunch on Wednesday.  And picking up coffee and a gift on Thursday.  And getting a scoop of ice cream and seeing an indie flick on Friday...

In other great downtown Colorado Springs news, the city will be exchanging 882 downtown parking meters with new credit card-enabled meters!  After November 1st, a lack of quarters will no longer prevent you from enjoying our beautiful downtown!