Our blog this week is a chance to guest blog for our main blogger, Lisa Morrell.  Lisa has been doing an excellent job of keeping up the weekly blogs for LGA Studios. Some things have been going on in Lisa’s life recently and we haven’t had a weekly posting, so I, Larry, feel like a guest blogger this week. 

Over the course of the last few weeks Lisa’s husband Ben received some very powerful news relating to his struggle with cancer.  The news was not positive - but the story here is the faith that this young couple has shown is truly incredible - how the trials and diagnosis of Ben’s cancer has impacted so many - including myself.  See next week’s blog, where Mary will be telling the story of how Ben and Lisa came into the lives of LGA Studios.  I would encourage you to take the time to go to Ben Morrell’s blog http://www.802heaven.com/   (Don’t worry – its okay with Ben that we share this) to read more about their story.

I’d like to update you on some of the work that’s been going on at LGA.  Dawn Nickles-Streb, our long time Project Manager, has been diligently keeping many of the homes on track for Mountain Shadows, especially in the Parkside neighborhood. We have been working on many new homes in that area with several contractors, including Andy Stauffer of Stauffer and Sons Construction and Robert Scott General Contractors with  families who have been struggling through their insurance settlements and are more than ready for their new homes to be built.  Many of the residents have lived in their homes for over 20 years, raised their families there, and now are transitioning into a new home that fits their lifestyle.  We feel honored to hear their stories, and help them with this major life transition. 


I’d also like to take a moment to thank the great and talented people that LGA Studios has been blessed to have on our team.  Along with Lisa and Dawn, mentioned above, Jamie Peterson, who has also been working with LGA for a couple of decades, has been helping immensely in keeping these projects in line.  Thanks too, to Michelle Williams, our most recent LGA employee for helping to pull together the necessary paperwork for the city agencies, drafting, and for all the miscellaneous things you do in the office to help keep the projects moving. 
So, thanks again Dawn, Jamie, Lisa, Michelle, and others we have drawn in to help with the drafting.  It is truly a team effort!

This has been a trying year for many in Colorado Springs and especially when it comes so close to us with Lisa and Ben.  We would ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers.