A few weeks ago I, Mary Gilland, finally got to tour the Bestway Disposal recycling facility.   I know that probably doesn’t sound like a good time to most people, but I was very excited and wanted to see where all the stuff I recycle goes, and what is done with it. 

I got to see how the trucks dump their loads of recyclables into the building, how they go up a big conveyor, how the metal is pulled out by magnets and how the people on the line separate the items. I learned again how important it is not to put those evil plastic bags in your recycle bin because they can cause the whole process to shut down so they can get them out of the machinery. 
It seems like such a small thing, but when you see those huge bundles of plastic containers, or cardboard, or aluminum cans that can be made into something else instead of just dumped in the landfill – it makes a big impression. It makes me want to keep rinsing out those plastic containers, use less water bottles, and recycle everything I can to do my small part.  Thanks to Alicia Archibald for the tour!