Recovery in Mountain Shadows is still in an early season.  The orange cones blocking the neighborhoods heavily affected by the Waldo Canyon fire are gone.  Demolition of the incinerated houses is mostly complete, and quietly empty expanses (marked only by the signs for the Demolition Contractors) line the streets where once there were steady rows of homes.  Here and there stand affected homes, inexplicably missed by the fire.
 LGA Studios is proud to say we are designing or have completed almost 20 homes at present for strong and visionary fire survivors.  Some are beginning with their original home plans and just making a few improvements, while others are using this chance to build a brand new home.

The house shown here is currently in construction in Mountain Shadows, through the contractor Copperleaf Homes.  Copperleaf's goal is to give back to the community by finishing the home before Christmas and if all goes as hoped for, the family can celebrate in their own home.  Though the design process for this house went quickly, we are confident that it lives up to our typical high standards.