Nationwide Lifts Elevator
Larry and Mary Gilland, along with Dawn Nickles Streb and Frank Calleio from our office, attended the AIBD (American Institute of Building Design) Colorado Spring conference at the Warwick Hotel in Denver.  The AIBD is a professional organization for mostly residential Building Designers which Larry and Mary have participated with for years. Mary says, "It was good to get together with other Colorado members to catch up, participate in some continuing education opportunities, and end the day with dinner at Dave and Busters."
AIBD Conference Attendees
 Our sessions were from Nationwide Lifts and Coronado Stone.  The Nationwide Lifts elevator presentation explained the current code requires for residential elevators.  After their presentation, the conference attendees walked down the street with a representative to where there was an installation of one of the elevators they discussed in their presentation.  This particular elevator was in the remodel of a two-story loft apartment and can be used in almost any residential setting.  Its progressive technology doesn't require a pit or many of the other accouterments that are usually needed in elevation installation.  Mary says, "It's just really cool looking." She was reminded of the elevator from the TV show The Jetsons, where Elroy would enter the room through a tube that looks very similar.  
Elroy's Elevator
Another Gorgeous Nationwide Lifts Elevator
The Coronado Stone presentation was informative and educational, showing installation techniques for their product.  Many of the new houses in Colorado Springs, whether craftsmen or mountain style, have some sort of stone veneer on the outside walls.  It is always helpful to those of us in the office to know how building products like this are actually put together in the field.
During the second day of the event, which LGA did not attend, some of the members toured the Molly Brown House in Denver.  Now we're looking forward to the August AIBD National Convention in Wilmington, North Carolina.