We at LGA Studios have really enjoyed watching the restoration of a house on the Noble Family Ranch in Lake George, Colorado. We provided the plans and the Nobles did the construction management and even much of the labor on their own house. To see some original photos and all the progress they've made, check out our posts on stages one, two, and three.

The Nobles said that at the end of January, work moved from "have to get done" to "want to get done". Since then they've been putting in the finishing touches.

At the end of January: the house all cleaned up, with help from some friends, and ready for inspections!
The doors got a faux old-wood finish to blend in with the real re-claimed wood in the house.
Leveling off the top of a concrete slab for the entrance.
The family saved some major money by purchasing this bathroom vanity for $45 from a restoration store. They were also able to use some reclaimed cabinetry inherited from other family members. Working hard, all the way through the winter!The gorgeous shower tiling being leveled off. Facebook status from the Nobles: "Been coming to this property for over 20 years now. It's the first time I have taken a shower (indoors) and dried my hair."
There were some delays in the plumbing installation which backed up the whole construction process, but they perserved all the way through.
Installing wood from a barn on central kitchen island.
The oven/range purchased off of Craigslist was a gorgeous addition to the kitchen island.
New wrought iron railings, all up to code. See the trim? It's original to the house - 100 years 0ld! The Nobles said that is was very tricky to work with, but so beautiful.
Furniture started going in this month. This minimalist sofa in the loft really emphasizes the re-finished wood floor.
Pretty in the snowy mountains.
Now that the appraisals and final inspection have been passed and construction loan changed over to a mortgage, it's time to celebrate!