Many of LGA Studio’s clients have never participated in designing a home before. Their desire for something- whether it’s a certain style or layout they can’t find elsewhere, or just to build on the land they own- drives them to hire a home designer or architect. But that doesn’t mean that they know exactly what they want.

Purchasing a pre-designed home can be the answer. Just like buying any other product, viewing a number of pre-designed plans is a good way to start getting ideas about what is important, necessary, and enjoyable. During the process of studying a number of plans, some people find exactly what they want.

If the changes are few or none, buying a plan can certainly save money too. Almost all of the time more information will be needed to build the home: HVAC and plumbing design, a home designer or contractor to ensure that the plan meets local codes, a structural engineer check the loads and stamp the plans. Depending on what is included in the plan book package and the contractor’s process, there will be a number of other items on this list. But the purchase of a plan can give a jump start to the process.

Access to the designs from a wide range of plan book companies is simple through the internet. The featured plan here comes from SaterDesign Collection. LGA Studio’s client purchased the Fiorentino, than came to us to alter the layout and be their facilitators through permit submittal and construction. Like a number of other plan book companies, SaterDesign offers “plan customization” services, but LGA was available to work with this Colorado client and the contractor through the project face to face.

Plans from LGA Studio’s more than 30 years of practice are becoming available on our own plan book website, Rocky Mountain Plan Company.