Trailside Estates in Salida, Colorado won first place in this year's Colorado Sustainable Design Awards for the category of communities. LGA Studios did some work with Pinon on the homes in the community and are honored to be listed as the architects.

This year, the Colorado Sustainable Design Awards' judges prized innovation and "Doing More with Less." According to ColoradoBiz Magazine, "ColoradoBiz partnered with the Colorado chapter of the American Institute of Architects, Urban Land Institute Colorado and the U.S. Green Building Council Colorado to organize the statewide awards program."

You can read more of ColoradoBiz Magazine's coverage of the Trailside Estate's award here.

For the community winners, the judges looked for a combination of walkable space and green open space, which were certainly present in Trailside. On the Salida trail and close to downtown Salida, the neighborhood is also a short bike ride from vast forest parks.

The houses are energy-efficient and low-maintainence. Pinon should be given credit for their thoroughness in considering sustainability during both the construction process and the lifespan of the home. The homes are registered with 'Built Green Colorado' and Pinon is transparent concerning the home's attributes.

Trailside is a great place to live in a smallish mountain town but get some of the perks of denser city living, both of convenience and environmentalism.