This house on Wood Avenue is almost done! Aside from finishing touches and unpacked boxes, it is ready for its close-up. These photos show off LGA's eye for potential and the owner's classy taste.

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Stage One


Stage Two

for this old house.

When the house was bid, LGA Studios listed a number of options so that the owner could receive an itemized price list and choose what to include in this remodel. The options were their wish list: updates which they would get to some day- and hopefully now if the final cost was right. Complete kitchen and master suite remodels, a sun-room which we created by adding on just 3'-0" to a back service room and a few important repairs were musts. The owners chose to also remove two previous sunroom additions, replace all windows, and repaint and re-floor the entire house.

What remains in the years ahead for this couple? They hope to spruce up the outside and LGA Studios would emphasize the sleek lines of the exterior timber to marry it with the now contemporary interior. The owners would like to add a garage with an attic connected to the second story to replace the detached garage in the corner of the lot. For now they will enjoy some of their dreams made reality.