To finish our Parade of Homes we would like to present Aspen View's Parade Home "the Harvard." This parade house is in the Master Planned community Lorson Ranch. Designed by LGA Studios,* "the Harvard" is Aspen View's most popular 2-story model.

The basic plan is 3 bedroom with 2 extra bedrooms that can be added, one to the basement and one replacing the loft space.We particularly enjoy the winding staircase to the second floor.

As a little bonus we have some photos of the Ron Covington Home "The Madison" which we wrote about before the Parade. See left and below. We are proud to report that this LGA Studio plan won Best Architectural Exterior and Best Landscaping in the Parade for its division.

The Covington Brownstones (on the left) were not an official part of the Parade, but the model Brownstone had an open house in the same block as "the Madison." These townhomes are also designed by LGA Studios to be part of the well-connected Covington neighborhoods. Stacked liked the historic homes of San Francisco, there is a good amount of square footage in their compact footprints.

*There was an error in the printing of the Parade handbook and LGA Studios was not listed as the designer.