According to the American Institute of Architects, home improvements are tending towards an interest in home offices, outdoor living spaces and mudrooms. Also, we were happy to hear that people are still spending more on energy efficiency improvements and environmentally-friendly materials.

We've certainly witnessed the popularity of the home office even in smaller homes as more people work remotely (including the author of this blog).

Colorado Springs with its dry climate is a fantastic location for outdoor living spaces which can offer additional usable square footage, usually with less cost and with a change of setting. Why, according to a recent study, just five minutes of time in the great outdoors a day can boost your mood. Outdoor living areas can certainly make it simpler build that time in to your daily routine.

As for the mud rooms, we have seen that with smaller footprints more intention needs to be paid to efficient storage areas. This can look like anything from built-in cubbies near the garage door to dedicated private rooms of any size.