LGA Studios learned more about the reasons and methods for water conservation from Matt Bakken, at a USGBC Colorado educational session. Some key points:

-Increased water efficiency will be required by both global shortages and impending codes

-Watersense is a voluntary program sponsored by the US EPA, which promotes a cap on the flow of household plumbing devices like shower heads and toilets. You can purchase Watersense certified products for your home to save water.

-The presentation was created by Kohler, so their non-water urinal was used as an innovative example of a solution to water overuse. Southern Methodist University installed these urinals, and saw 8.1 million gallons of annual water savings. That came out to a cost reduction of $102 per urinal!

-On a related note, Kohler also produces cast iron sinks made from 93% recycled material; yet unlike with recycled paper, the sinks look completely fresh. Follow this link and click on "Recycled & Reclaimed Material" for more information.