A home restoration differs from a remodel in that the focus is preserving the original look and feel of the home. The floor plan remains almost the same and the same architectural style is used, but repairs are made and small changes to make the building more safe and/or comfortable.

As you can see, this house on the Noble Family Ranch in Lake George Colorado definitely needs some work. The family has owned the property for over 50 years, and now will be restoring this old farm house built in 1901.

LGA Studios' contribution is to draw original plans for the house, demolition plans, and lots of reconstruction notes. The biggest change will be adding a bathroom to the upstairs. When it built there were no interior bathrooms, only a "two-holer" outhouse (cold in a Colorado winter!).

The first step in restoration construction is demolition. Even though the roof and many of the walls will remain in the same place, most of the old material is ripped out and replaced with modern materials - current technology in an older style.

Watch for more to come on this historical restoration.