Larry Gilland has been working with a group that has been meeting for some time, with a goal of creating a co-housing community on the west side of Colorado Springs. They have chosen a piece of land that has great potential, and are looking for more interested members/investors. They meet once a month, and would love to have other like-minded people join them.

Larry put together some rough sketches of some possibilities for the property, and sketch up models of a few different styles they could choose from. These are just concepts showing the possibilities for right now. If you'd like to see more, come to one of the meetings (one is coming up November 17) or call or e-mail Joann Gaston - 719-264-1997 or

Big House Concept - these would look like large single family homes, but would have 3 - 4 units in each building, and a common house.

This concept has a  Contemporary/Southwest flavor.  Some of the units would be garages with living spaces above.  Unit sizes would vary

This is one of several ideas for laying out the site for the co-housing development.

If you'd like to know more about Cohousing in general - visit these websites: