A popular practice in the market today is renovating older homes by incorporating "re-green" principles for sustainability, energy conservation and water savings.  http://www.regreenprogram.org/

LGA Studios is all for this, and since Larry and Mary currently have a home for sale that would be perfect for this idea, Larry decided to develop some ideas that the prospective buyer could think about when they purchase the home.

This home is a 1920's bungalow located in the Congress Park area of Denver.  It is a typical ranch style home for the period with a living/dining room, two bedrooms (or one bedroom and an office), one bathroom, and a closed off kitchen on the main level. 

The concept pictured above combines the current living room and office space into a larger living room area, adding a small desk/study area in an alcove.  It has a re-designed modern kitchen with eating space at a bar which opens into the living space.

We've added set of stairs and an upper level to the home which adds a Master Suite, a loft space, and an additional bedroom and bath.

For landscaping, there is currently a mature peach tree, cherry tree, and grape arbor in the back yard, and we've added a space for a vegetable garden.  In the front yard we have added low water-use landscape ideas.

Since the side elevation faces south we have added some photo-voltaic panels for additional energy conservation.

If you'd like to discuss re-greening your home, give us a call.