About a month ago, Larry Gilland participated in the 2010
Engineering Ministry International
Golf Marathon at Shining Mountain Golf Course.

The golfers played 100 holes in the rain to raise money for Engineering Ministry International's (EMI) project fund. EMI sends engineers and architects to design orphanages, hospitals, churches, and water treatment devices in third world countries, usually working with a Christian ministry in country. After the Haiti earthquake they had teams helping people receive access to clean water and verifying that buildings (like hospitals) were structurally sound.

The golfers (red arrow points to Larry)

Part of a note from the organizer for the event:

"What a great job you did yesterday at the golf outing! In the last nine years that I have been involved in planning and working with others on this event, this has to be the best one ever. It wasn’t because of the number of players that came or the money raised. The reason that we achieved “the utmost for His highest” was the complement that I received on behalf of our organization at the end of the day. The manager told me more than once that it was a delight to have us and we are without a doubt the best group of people that they have come to a golf outing during the year..."