The client's idea for this remodel was to make the home more appealing before putting it on the market. There was only one bathroom, no master suite, and old kitchen fittings in this 1954 house.

After going through a series of ideas, working with contractor Gordon Stegner of Palace Homes we uncovered the cost effective solution of expanding the house into the existing garage and then adding a new adjacent garage with attic above. This would use almost all of the existing structure, add 1,084 square feet to the home (including the habitable space of the attic) and increase garage area as well.

The end result was three bedrooms and three full bathrooms (including master suite) with the ability for another bedroom and bath to be installed in the attic. Social areas of the house were visually expanded by vaulting ceilings and installing skylights as well as larger windows. Nothing was neglected when it came to replacing windows, adding insulation and updating finishes.

This home is now as fresh and functional as new, with the established central city location, landscaping and useability it has earned over time.