For the warmer half of the year, building a deck is a creative way to increase the usable area of the home and outdoor living. This particular deck is a spacious 938 square feet, serving both as family gathering and entertaining space. Loosely the plan is laid out with dining, sitting and food preparation areas (including kitchenette).

LGA Studios has completed multiple remodels for this client and was pleased to be invited to work for the family again, with a new contractor: Pregio Homes. The house is in a historical area of Colorado Springs which offers the challenge of remaining in the neighborhood's design requirements.

The stone walls surrounding the deck have been matched to the stone in other areas of the house, including the front porch. The flat roof over the deck was not used in homes a century ago, but the exterior view of it has been hidden by a parapet which mimics crown molding. The ceiling is flat but not monotonous due to the skylight with clerestory windows bringing sunlight into the darker reaches of the deck.