Where we last left off, LGA Studios and the Homeowners were brainstorming long term plans for this home:

Next, with our client's budget and short-term needs in mind we worked on a "Bid Set" of drawings. The purpose of the "Bid Set" is to present contractors with adequate information to assemble a reasonably accurate cost estimate of construction. In this case our clients want a competitive bid, so the drawings will be sent to more than one contractor. Generally after the bids are returned the lowest bid within all of our parameters is accepted, but in private projects such as this the client has the right to accept a higher bid.

Another unique component of the "Bid Set" is that it can include options to be separately priced. "Can we refinish the floors? What about replacing the roof, or expanding the Nook?" the Homeowners wondered. This project ended up with a wish list which can be added in to the project as the budget allows.

What is next with this home remodel? Stay tuned to find out!