This is the story of a house which began life in a plan service and ended as a unique LGA creation.

A plan service plan is a template which can be built as shown, or modified to suit a client's taste. Often, they can save time in determining the basic design of the house. In this case, LGA Studios was brought a plan which the client had already selected. Then a number of changes were made to the layout: the Master Bedroom was enlarged, a garage was added, and a cat room and a dog room were put in the garage.

The addition of real stone usage was what set this house apart. LGA's Jamie Peterson met with a mason to find out more about stone's unique requirements. He also did extensive building code research to verify that the stone fireplaces weren't dangerous. Most of the time these days, false stone veneers are used instead of real, so knowledge of stone construction is a specialty!

The plan template did not include structural design either, so LGA coordinated the design of roof trusses and other framing elements, and applied for the building permit.