A remodel can be more challenging than starting from scratch, due to both the technical issues of unknown construction hidden behind walls and the design issues of marrying our client's dreams to the reality of an existing house. However, the most ecologically friendly house is the one which has already been built. Besides that, historical homes can have a charm which makes all the work to save them more than worthwhile.

Take for example, this home in an older neighborhood of Colorado Springs:

Our clients purchased it with the idea of gradually remodeling over a period of years. The essential kitchen and master suite would be first, followed by the adjoining areas, then a large deck and connecting garage. They love the quirky elegance of this home but prefer clean modern lines to Victorian clutter.

With this in mind, Larry sketched the potential long-term result of the remodels:

We discussed these ideas and more with our clients, who are so excited about the project! They proposed some changes, then we came up with a plan for Stage One of this endeavor. Stay tuned for the next step!