In 2007, Larry Gilland volunteered to design a library remodel with a team of junior high students. The North Middle school library in Colorado Springs had been long overdue for an update and the local nonprofit group Bridges decided to take on the project. Two of LGA's clients, Shelley and Jeff Jensen, led the group and approached Larry about working with them.

Larry met with the Bridges students on several occasions before school to discuss library layouts and to sketch ideas. "I was amazed at how involved the students became in the design process. They even modeled some of the project in the 3-d program Sketch-up," says Larry. From there, LGA drafted and completed the 3-d model of the facility while the Bridges program raised funds for the construction.

This was an exciting way for LGA to get involved in the community, helping students make a difference and create a enriching, dynamic place to spend time after school.

For more information about this project see this article in the Gazette, this one on the KRDO website and the Bridges description from the press release below.

Bridges was founded in January of 2006 by Jeff and Shelley Jensen. The idea was conceived out of pure frustration that we “couldn’t get things done because the district could not afford it.” We were not leveraging the people in the community who have a heart for education but don’t know how to help because the needs haven’t been clearly communicated. We also believe that the kids themselves understand the needs the best. We want ALL kids to know that they have the power to incorporate positive change and that much of our self worth can come from helping others. Therefore, the mission of BRIDGES is to “Build “Bridges” between the public education system and the community for the sole purpose of incorporating positive sustainable change”.