In this cold cold weather, the heating bills can be high! Insulating well is an energy-saving "green" choice which is also beneficial to the bank account.

The graphic below illustrates where the heat created by machines and bodies goes out of the typical house.

How do you prevent this? Some ways are more obvious - double-paned insulated windows can keep down heat loss through fenestrations. Even thick curtains can make a difference!

New walls have many possibilities for effective insulation. In wood framing, efficient spacing uses less lumber and allows less gaps in the insulation inside the walls. Alternatively, there are several kinds of well-tested wall units which already include insulation - SIPs and ICFs for example. Wall insulation can come in rolls or panels, cementitious or spray form.

We recommend that our remodel clients add increased insulation to their projects. Older homes especially may need added or replaced insulation in attics, basements and walls. If a project includes LEED-certifying an existing building, adding insulation can be an easy way to get points.