Our proposal for the Alamosa Town Hall Center will be put to the vote on September 2nd! The city of Alamosa was planning a remodel to their current offices, but Darin Dolce of DFD Development proposes that instead they move into the former Kmart building. The Kmart building has significantly more parking, a more visible location and, unlike the remodel, won't require any of the historic buildings in town to be demolished.

As you can see by comparing this photo of the building to our poster, we are planning to completely change the appearance of the front. In addition to adding windows, brick and paint, a new grand entrance to a central atrium (complete with tower!) gives the building an old west train station theme.

Space inside the building would be sold in a "condo" arrangement to the city hall, the library and the police station and the remaining space in the building would be leased out for other office and retail uses.

The atrium at the core of the Town Center is designed to be a gathering space similar to an outdoor town square. Employees and visitors will be able to frequent the cafe and socialize.

LGA Studios worked with Darin Dolce to give the City of Alamosa a cost estimate along with the presentation drawings; we believe our project vs the remodel will save them enough money to make the move feasible. Our interior design partner, Lines and Designs, put together the presentation board.

With this project, we even made the local news!